Monday, July 17, 2017

How To Toss Out Your Clothes!

A person's closet is a funny place.

It can be the source of great fun and filled with fond memories, it can be a source of frustration, or it can be an overwhelming mess with the door better kept CLOSED.

We live our lives in our clothes, and we house them in a place that is often cramped, poorly organized and filled with things we regret wearing.

I believe that a closet should make you feel good. It should be filled with things that bring you joy and make you feel beautiful, and you should be able to easily see everything inside it.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 Quick Ways To Practice Self Care Daily

When was the last time you practiced some self care?

When was the last time you hit up a yoga class, got a manicure, drank a hot cup of tea or booked a massage?

Guys, life is just SO hustle and bustle. And if you're anything like me you just do NOT know how to take breaks. You have a job, side hustle, friends, fitness routine, love interest and general #adulting to take care of... I still wonder how the heck I'm going to throw kids into all that (eventually)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Change Your Perspective: Rearrange Your Furniture!

I don't know about you, but I find can get REALLY antsy in my space.

Sometimes it's due to a sudden change in my life, or upcoming change. Sometimes it's because nothing has changed in so long I'm starting to get stir-crazy, and sometimes it's because I have a lack of creativity in other areas of my life.

Whenever I start to feel like this, I throw on my comfiest clothes, switch on a movie, and move all the furniture around.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Life Hack A Day: My Favourite Hacks

I can hardly believe that I've reached the end of my Life Hack A Day Project!!!

It's been one hell of a month, with lots learned along the way, tons of laughs, and some great input from all of you on Instagram who were following along!

For my final week of life hacks, I decided to pick my FAVOURITE hacks. The ones that I most wanted to try, that seemed the most interesting, or that pop up on my Pinterest feed the most.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!!!!

Guys, the Wine Down is taking a bit of a different turn this week. Normally I like to review three or four things I've been up to, and then talk about what I plan on drinking for the weekend.

BUT, since tomorrow is CANADA DAY, I thought I would talk about a few things I LOVE about my country (and then tell you what I'm drinking).

Canada turns 150 years old tomorrow, so the celebrations are going to be big, big, BIG! Get ready to see our pretty Prime Minister out in all his glory (and check his socks, which are always a tribute to whatever he's out doing), as well as 33 million Red and White clad Canadians, politely offering doughnuts and beer to anyone who looks like they might be running low.

As for me, I'll be up at my cottage ("Rock, Bought'em") celebrating with my family! Expect lots of instastories!

OK lets Wine Down and talk about why Canada is so freaking great!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Adelaide Eats

If you've never visited Toronto, I want to let you in on a little known fact...

Torontonians LOVE their food!

We are obsessed with niche foods, unique foods, and celebrating food. There is no shortage of incredible markets in the city, both year round and seasonal. We also host fabulous festivals celebrating everything from Greek cooking, to Mac and Cheese, to Rib Fests and Veggie meals.

Toronto is a foodie paradise, so when the newest open air market popped up just two minutes from my office, I was THRILLED!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Life Hack A Day: Too Good To Be True Hacks

I can hardly believe that I'm already wrapping up another week of life hacks! Next week is my last week and I've learned so much.

Mostly that about 80% of the life hacks are total nonsense, but the ones that work are AWESOME.

This week's life hack a day project theme was "too good to be true" hacks. Essentially just hacks that seemed a little weird and a little pointless, but that needed to be tried all the same.

There was fire, crafts, and some (mild?) crime...

All in all, not wildly successful, but a pretty fun week!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Wine Down


I can't believe it is officially summer! While the weather has been getting warmer for the past few weeks, there's something so wonderful about making it official on June 21st! 

The long hot days, the warm breezy nights, PATIO SEASON!!

So I'm a little excited. Plus next weekend is the Canada Day long weekend and our country is celebrating it's 150th birthday so it's gonna be a BLAST (just wait until you see our family Canada swag!).

With so much excitement coming up and planning to be done I only got one blog post out this week. But that's ok because there's so much on the horizon to be excited about that I can hardly stand it.

So enough prattling on, it's time to Wine Down this week! Grab your vino and let's go.